Where asbestos can occur

Asbestos can be found in about 3,000 products and here is a list of places and materials.

In the list, we take into account the connection that exists when our laboratory receives material for asbestos analysis, the list can not be considered complete but is a living document.

Asbestos is found in building facades and roofs, but also occurs inside buildings. In fire-damaged buildings, care should be taken as asbestos (if any) may have been released.


Asbestanalys i material

Accredited asbestos analysis

Do you want to analyze a material? We analyze solid materials, dust and collection samples, air samples and also water if there is asbestos. 

Alkali protection

Base layer for plastic mat

Product type
Floor mat


Slabs, ducts, plastic and floor tiles, PVC carpet

Product type
Plastic material, plugs, plaster, asbestos cement

Fire protection

Steel structures, ventilation systems, ventilation ducts and ventilation pipes, garbage rooms, garages, boiler rooms, protective clothing against heat, and more.

Product type
Asbestos fabric, asbestos cardboard, spray asbestos, asbestos silicate boards, asbestos cement boards, asbestos cement.

Noise reduction, noise insulation

Sprayed surface layer, floor tiles

Product type
Spray asbestos, boards (porous), suspended ceiling boards, acoustic plaster, plastic mats.


Fire protection equipment, insulation, coating, paint, plastic.

Product type
Fire protection, insulation, sound insulation, electronic insulation material, paint, plastic, floor coverings, taps, winches, valves, flanges, anchor winches, gaskets, sleeves and bearings.

Facade, wall and ceiling

Asbestos cement, fix and joint, plaster/mortar (as an additive).

Product type
Tiles, boards, fix and joint, mortar.


Paint and plastic.

Product type
Paint, plastic.


Fix and joint, seal.

Product type
Paint, glue (so-called black glue, asphalt glue), coating, putty.

Condensation insulation

Ventilation ducts, pipes.

Product type
Heat exchanger.


Asbestos cement.

Product type
Exhaust ducts, pipes.

Thermal insulation

Pipes, boilers and steam boilers, ventilation systems.

Product type
Magnesia pulp, insulation pulp, asbestos cardboard, asbestos fabric, asbestos yarn, spray asbestos.


Asbestos can also be found in oil lamps (wicks), in older vessels (insulation in hulls, around machines), electrical cables, brake bands, screw plug mass (predecessor to today’s plastic plugs).

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