Leave a sample to us and get back a result that gives the complete chemical composition of the material. We analyze, for example, coatings, metals, particles, coolants, fibers and water. We also perform various types of corrosion tests.

We characterize metals and identify constituent alloying elements content using, among other things, our optical emission spectrometer (OES) and microscopy. We perform analysis of chemical composition of unalloyed and low-alloy steels, stainless steels, duplex steels and analysis of nickel, copper and aluminum alloys.

The laboratory also performs chemical analysis of coatings and particles, as well as corrosion tests on stainless austenitic steels.

Some services are:

Quality control of metallic materials

Analysis of chemical composition together with the material’s mechanical and structural properties provides a solid knowledge of the material’s quality.
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Accredited corrosion testing

Our chemists and metallographers test and document the corrosion resistance of various materials.

Do you need knowledge of materials science and how to interpret a material certificate?

The starting point for our two-day training on metallic materials is to give you a basic knowledge of material science and how to interpret certificates. In addition to theory, the educations also contain practical elements in our laboratory.
Mattias Thuvander

Mattias Thuvander

Material Science (basic) is led by Mattias Thuvander, Associate Professor of Microstructure Physics, works at the Department of Physics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

Interpretation of Material Certificates is led by Torbjörn Ygesjö, Marine Surveyor at Bureau Veritas, Marine & Offshore.

The courses are independent, which means that you can sign up for only one of the days. If you choose to participate in both, you will receive a SEK 1,000 discount.

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Torbjörn Ygesjö

Torbjörn Ygesjö

Contact person

Catarina Wernlund
Head of Chemistry

Phone: +46 (0)31-65 64 93 

Swedac Ackrediteringsmärke 5622


Safe Control Materialteknik AB is accredited since 2001 and has had flexible accreditation since 2016. 

All testing takes place against European and international standards.

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