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What does it mean that you are accredited?

Accreditation is an international system with common legislation within the EU. According to the EU, each country must have a national accreditation body appointed by the country’s government. The Swedish body is SWEDAC.

The fact that Safe Control is accredited means that we create greater security in that the accreditation guarantees reliability when it comes to analyzes and test results. For us, accreditation becomes a way to show quality and our competence, thereby we can preserve and strengthen our competitiveness.

How much material is needed to make a material analysis/chemical composition analysis?

The optimal size of a specimen for analysis of chemical composition is 30×40 mm with two parallel flat surfaces. The laboratory also has the opportunity to perform analysis on test pieces with an area of at least 5×5 mm.

We can also be helpful with wet chemical analyzes. Then the desired sample amount is about 5 grams.

How do I submit samples for asbestos analysis?

Both companies and individuals are welcome to submit their samples to our reception or send them by post. If the samples are sent, we ask you not to send them as recommended as this delays the processing. See our address and opening hours »

If you are a private individual and wish to perform an asbestos analysis, we refer to our webshop, where you order and pay in advance for the analysis/analyzes. The material can be submitted or sent by post.

How often should drinking water from a well be checked?

Every three years. If the well is drilled, the radon should also be checked.

Water samples must be collected according to specific instructions and we therefore recommend that you contact us to get the correct collection vessels and correct instructions for collecting samples.

More information about individual drinking water facilities » 

How many tubes need to be welded for complete procedure testing according to SS-EN ISO 15614–1?
Minimum number of tubes as below:
Ø – 25 mm: 5 pcs tubes
Ø 26–40 mm: 4 pcs tubes (for impact test 5 pcs are required) Ø 41–60 mm: 3 pcs tubes (for impact test 4 pcs are required) Ø 60–90 mm: 2 pcs tubes (for impact test 3 pcs are required) Ø 114 mm: 1 tube (for impact test 2 pcs are required)
Ø 168 – mm: 1 tube
How wide samples can be handled?
Maximum width of the samples is 400 mm.

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