Analysis of well water

When spring and early summer come, it is for many the beginning of a long season in the summer cottage that has been unused over the winter. Then it’s a good time to check the quality of the well water.

It is not always possible to detect if the water is bad, it can be clear and taste good, but still contain levels of harmful substances, which in turn can lead to diseases. You can not see bacteria with the naked eye, nor high levels of radon that are radioactive.


Special sampling vessels must be used and can be picked up at the reception at Safe Control, in which case instructions are also given on how the sampling is to be carried out.

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Analysis every three years

In Sweden, just over 1.2 million permanent residents, and about the same number of leisure residents, drink water from individual water sources, such as their own well. As a property owner/well owner, you are responsible for operating and managing your own well and are thus responsible for the quality of the water.

Livsmedelsverket (the National Food Administration) recommends that you check your drinking water at least every three years. When transferring property, it is important that the buyer reviews that the well water has been analyzed. It is common to take samples only when you feel taste changes, strange smells or that the water has changed color, but there can be problems with the drinking water without you noticing it.

Socialstyrelsen (the National Board of Health and Welfare) compiled 5,000 analysis results in 2007 which showed that only about 20% of the samples were suitable for drinking water. The worst results were in dug wells where about 35% had unsuitable drinking water.


Radon in both air and water

Radon can occur in drinking water, mainly from cold springs and drilled wells. Drinking water with radon is not considered to pose a major health risk, however, the radon passes from the water to the indoor air.

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Individual water well

Since 1 January 2014, it is Livsmedelsverkets (the National Food Administration’s) “Advice on individual drinking water supply” that must be followed. An individual water supply is one that serves less than 50 people and provides less than 10 cubic meters per day.

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