We are your independent contractor.

Safe Control Materialteknik AB is a Swedac-accredited laboratory that tests, analyzes and examines metallic materials. We also offer environmental analyzes on building materials, soil, air and water.

As a privately owned and completely independent laboratory, we are an independent party in all assignments. Our customers are companies in many different industries, public authorities and private individuals. We help you who want to know and understand.

Material Technology

The laboratory conducts tests, analyzes and examinations and quality assurance of metallic materials.


Environmental Engineering

We analyze soil, building materials, air and water with regard to environmentally  and health hazardous substances.


Education / Courses

We offer open and company-adapted courses as well as company-internal seminars.


We wish you a nice Midsummer

The Midsummer weekend is soon here and we want, in addition to wishing you a nice Midsummer holiday, to draw your attention to the changes in our opening hours during the summer.

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Current training program

Now we have set dates for the autumn educations as well. Applications have already started to arrive, so book your place today!

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Energy and Power


Pulp and paper


Vehicles and Transport

Property and Building

Welding companies