Lead (Pb) analysis

Lead is a heavy metal that accumlates in the body, which can cause, among other things, chronic lead poisoning. Exposure of lead occurs when processing materials during heating or grinding.

Lead can occur in several products:

  • Leaded windows
  • Cast iron drain pipes
  • Lead sheet
  • Lead keels
  • Lead/acid batteries
  • Paint layer/rot protection
  • Power lines
  • Pipelines
  • Telephone cables
  • Motor vechicles and reserve power plants
  • Lead shot and fish sink
  • Joints
  • Toys, furniture, ceramics, glaze
  • Protective equipment
  • Some plasters
    Small amount can occur in, among other things, PVC-based carpets and wallpapers.

Very dangerous to health

Upon heating, small particles are formed which can be inhaled and then passed on in the bloodstream. Metallic lead can spread lead oxide from the hands to the mouth during, for example, smoking or eating.

Symptoms can include headaches, fatigue, poor apetite, vomiting, irritation, which over time can also trigger impaired memory, damage to the nervous system, poorer reactivity and reproductive ability. Lead is especially toxic to children under 3 years of age.

Luftpump för kvartsdamm

Analysis regarding the presence of lead

Lead can occur in Falu rödfärg (Falu red color) and also in white colors, blyvitt (lead white).

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