Asbestos – for work management

Welcome to a full-day training where you can learn about what asbestos is, where it can be found, handling and health risks.

The target group is supervisors, BAS-P, BAS-U, planners, safety representatives, CEO, managers, property owners and employees in the form of craftsmen, caretakers, cleaning staff, factory employees who work in properties with asbestos.

During the morning, it is information that is necessary for everyone to take part in and the afternoon is important for the management.

Despite extensive decontamination and a ban on the use of asbestos, large amounts of the hazardous substance still remain in our buildings. 

Course objectives:


  • Know what asbestos is
  • Where can asbestos be found
  • Have insights into the health risks
  • Know the applicable regulations and legislation
  • Know the client’s responsibilities, inventory and AMP
  • Medical checks


  • In-depth study for increased insight into how responsibility is linked to procurement, inventory and decontamination
  • Responsibility issues for the client, BAS-P, BAS-U, supervisors, planners and safety represenatatives
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April 17, 2024
November 13, 2024

8 hours

Course fee
SEK 3,950 per person
(excluding VAT)

Safe Control Materialteknik AB
Tillgängligheten 1
417 10 Göteborg

Application deadline
April 8, 2024
November 4, 2024


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Jonas Mogvall has deep knowledge of working with the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regulations.

Jonas comes from AddSafe i Sverige AB and is accredited according to ID06.

Kursledare Jonas Mogvall

Contact person

Catarina Wernlund
Head of Education

Phone: +46 (0)31-65 64 93 


Swedac Ackrediteringsmärke 5622


Safe Control Materialteknik AB is accredited since 2001 and has had flexible accreditation since 2016. 

All testing takes place against European and international standards.

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