Now we have set dates for the autumn educations as well.
Applications have already started to arrive, so book your place today!

220516: Asbestos decontamination (4 days)

220602: Fasteners (full day)

220906: Review of WPS (full day)
220907: Material Science (full day)
220908: Interpretation of material certificate (full day)

221004: Asbestos – Special/general (full day)
221005: Asbestos – Work management (full day)
221005: Asbestos – Basic (morning)

221006: Asbestos – Business-adapted education
On October 6, you have the opportunity to book your company for a customized education in the subject of asbestos.

Contact person
Catarina Wernlund
Phone: +46 (0)31-65 64 93

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