From 16 to 19 May, it was time for another training in the subject of asbestos!

The course leaders, Jonas Mogvall and Daniel Meznaric, filled the four days with theory and practical exercises where the participants had to build locks, train in all aspects of putting on protective clothing, decontamination of staff and the work area before demolition of screens and locks.

In the pictures we see some participants building a lock which was then leak checked. There was a clear negative pressure so it was approved.

During the first two days, some extra participants were involved who needed training to get permission to tear down and process asbestos-containing material outdoors.

We always conduct a survey after our trainings and this one received only the best grade from all participants.

Here are five quotes:

  • The training was incredibly educational and entertaining.
  • Something that was especially good: The opportunity to look at real samples. I’m super happy!
  • Everything felt well executed and planned.
  • Fun, learning with good group leaders who were knowledgeable and taught well.
  • Fun and kept me alert!

In the video below, we see two participants decontaminating each other.


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