Where asbestos may occur

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket), asbestos has been in about 3.000 products. Here is a list of locations and materials where asbestos may occur.

In the list we take into account the relationship which exists when our laboratory receives samples regarding asbestos analysis. Asbestos can be found in builing facades and roofs, but there are of course also inside buildings.

Alkali protection
Material: Layer below plastic mats.
Product: Floor mat.

Material: Discs, channels, plastic and floor tiles/PVC mats.
Product: Plastic materials, mortar, plugs, asbestos cement.

Fire protection
Material: Steel structures, ventilation (channels and pipes), garbage room, garage, boiler room, protective clothing against heat, and more.
Product: Asbestos fabrics, asbestos cardboard, sprayed asbestos, asbestos silicate discs, asbestos cement plate.
Information: In fire damaged buildings one should exercise caution as asbestos, if it exists, has been freed.

Noise attenuation/noise insulation
Material: Sprayed surfaces, floor tiles.
Product: Sprayed asbestos, discs (porous), ceiling plate, acoustic plaster, plastic mat.

Material: Fire-fighting equipment, insulation, coatings, paints, plastics.
Product: Fire protection, insulation, sound insulation, electronic insulation, paint, plastic, floorboard, cranes, winches, valves, flanges, windlass, gaskets, bushings and bearings.
Information: Newly built vessels should be free from asbestos, but if they have been built or renovated abroad, asbestos-containing materials could have been used.

Facade, wall and ceiling
Material: Eternit, fix and joints, mortar (as additive).
Produkttyp: Plattor, skivor, fix och fog, murbruk.

Material: Paints and plastics.
Product: Paints and plastics.

Material: Fix and joints, seal.
Product: Paint, glue (so called black/asphalt asphalt), bedding mortar, putty.

Condensation insulation
Material: Ventilation canals, pipes.
Product: Heat exhanger.

Material: Eternit.
Product: Exhaust duct.

Material: Pipes, heat- and steam boilers, ventilation systems.
Product: Magnesia pulp, insulating pulp, asbestos board, asbestos fabrics, asbestos yarn, sprayed asbestos.
Information: In insulated hot water pipes asbestos is usually found in bends and terminations.

Oil lamps (wick), older vessels (insulation in the hull, around machines), electric cables, brake linings, gaskets, screw plug mass (the predecessor of today's plastic plug).

Important information

It is important to inventory properties and ships before they will be demolished/removed or renovated. This should be done by an experienced environmental surveyors. Read more »

A soft joint may also contain PCBs and should preferably be analyzed for both asbestos and PCBs. Read about PCBs »


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