Our operation

Safe Control Material Technology is built around five production units: Mechanical testing, Chemistry, Environment, Metallography and the Engineering workshop. A short description of each unit follows below.

Mechanical testing

The mechanical testing laboratory contains equipment for tensile, bending, impact, pressure and hardness testing. We perform testing of welds and base materials according to EN288 and under the EU Directive AFS1999:4/PED. Read more »

Engineering workshop

Safe Control has a machine hall adapted for the manufacture of test specimens. The workshop also perform custom manufacturing, such as for technical aids for a variety of test methods . Read more »


Safe Control has a well equipped laboratory for metallographic examination. Here we investigate, for example, corrosions, overheating and erosion. The laboratory carries out studies to investigate the cause of injury associated with accidents. Read more »


Characterization of metals and the identification of the alloying elements is performed including using optical emission spectrometer (OES) and by microscopy. The laboratory also performs chemical analysis and melting behavior of coatings, scale and smelts, as well as corrosion tests/intergranular on austenitic stainless steels. Read more »

Environmental Engineering

We have a wide range of services targeted towards environmentally hazardous substances. We can give you solutions that can be the basis for handling such hazardous substances. The laboratory performs and provides analyzes for the presence of asbestos, PCB, mold, heavy metals, and so on,  in samples from building materials, soil and water. Read more »