Testing of welds and base materials

The laboratory carries out mechanical tests, chemical analysis and metallographic studies - depending on what will be done - according to the relevant national and international standards and quality. The laboratory is accredited by Swedac.

Testing of welds and welded joints

Non-destructive testing (NDT) and destructive testing (DT) are performed to ensure appropriate welding procedures.

Mechanical testing

Mechanical tests are carried out on base materials, filler materials and weld joints. The results are compared with the requirements of the applicable product standard with regard to the tensile strength, impact resistance, hardness or bend ductility of the material. Our mechanical testing department also carries out technological tests on pipes. Uniaxial, static strength tests can also be carried out on customer-specific products in consultation with the client.

Chemical analysis and corrosion testing

A chemical composition analysis is performed on base and/or weld materials. Our optical emission spectrometer (OES) enables us to characterise metals and identify major alloying elements. The results can provide a basis for determining the quality, weldability and corrosion resistance of the material. Corrosion tests are carried out in our chemical laboratory on base metals, filler materials and weld joints under current European and American standards.


Metallographic examinations are carried out on sections taken from weld joints. Macroscopic examinations allow defects and welding imperfections to be detected. Hardness testing is also often performed on the extruded section to determine the hardness of the welded joint. The heat affected zone (HAZ) is the most critical area and there are usually requirements for maximum permitted hardness. Specific materials also have to be examined microscopically, in which case the base material, HAZ and weld are examined to determine the composition and ferrite content, and detect microscopic defects.

Testing of weld and base materials

The laboratory performs tests in compliance with the respective regulations and requirements of the classification socities. 3.1 C inspection certificates are issued by the classification societies on the basis of these test results.

Other services offered by our laboratory are welded supervision, examination of materials, permit evaluation and Z-testing of plates.

- Qualification tests
- Inspection of materials
- Procedural tests
- Certification of materials
- Permit evaluations
- Z-testing of plates


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