Safe Control Material Technology has a laboratory well suited for metallographic examinations. The expression "metallography" simply means the study of metals and alloys structure and appearance through a microscope.

The point of metallographic examinations is to draw conclusions about the characteristics of the examined material. The metallographic examination is a crucial part in our work where the task is for the laboratory to perform an extensive examination of a breakdown or damage. Our equipment and know-how makes it possible for us to supply complete solutions and services in the area of metallography. 

Our equipment consists of microscopes for examinations with a low magnification (1-50x), and high magnification (50-1000x), as well as a scanning electron microscope (SEM) (5-300.000x). Our optical microscopes are complemented with the measurings programs Kappa Metreo and PicEd Cora for length, angle and area (phase analysis) measurements, to mention a few areas of applications. Dimensional measurements can also be done in our SEM, which also can analyse the distribution of elements included in the sample - a so called X-ray mapping.

Our reports are available electronically, all so that our customer quickly can learn of the results no matter where he or she is.

All macro and micro pictures are saved in our Kappa database, and all pictures taken with our SEM is saved in its database. Even the pictures not included in the final report handed to our customers are saved. This means that we always can go back to perform supplementing examinations and measurements.

Our laboratory is a member of ASM International and have a majority of ASM handbooks. Through this we have a large reference library on the structures and appearances of metals and alloys at our disposal.


Lars Andersson
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