Ocular examination

Optical examinations are performed with the naked eye, through optical microscopes (low and high magnifications), and through a scanning electron microscope (SEM).

Contrary to fractography, where you per definition only study the surface of a fracture, an ocular examination is more overcharging. During the breakdown or damage examination it's important to initially examine and document the detail in its entirety.

During the ocular examination we look for the presence of fractures, cracks, corrosion damages, permanent deformation, surface and other defects, temperature effects, deposits, corrosion products and material loss, to mention a few examples.

The observations made during the ocular examination help us make the correct decision on what tests and examinations to perform in order to draw the right conclusions about the type of damage and its cause. Continued tests could for instance be mechanical testing, an analysis of deposits, an analysis of corrosion products, macroscopic and microscopic examinations of sections as well as an examination and analysis in SEM/EDX.


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