Macro- and microscopic examination

A macroscopic and microscopic examination is the part of our testing primarily performed through optic microscopes and in some cases a scanning electron microscope (SEM), and corresponds to a large part to what is called a metallographic examination.


From our perspective a macroscopic and microscopic examination is somewhat wider in its scope, since we not only examine metals and alloys considering their structure and appearance.

One part of the macroscopic and microscopic examinations performed in our laboratory is the so called procedure testing, where our laboratory is accredited for macroscopic and microscopic examination of welds in accordance to EN 1321. We perform evaluations of welding joints from acceptance limits specified in prescribed standards, where both irregularities in shape and discontinuities are considered.

Our reports are available electronically, so that our customers quickly can learn of the results no matter where he/she is.

We are accredited to perform tests according to:

EN 1321
ISO 17639


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