Ferrite content measurements

Our laboratory can offer ferrite content measurements through a light optic microscope with our phase analysis program PicEd Cora. Ferrite content measurements are performed through automatic picture analysis.

In the sample for microscopy different phases are separated by color and luminosity (or contrast) by using an etching solution suited for the alloy in question. After the etching the different phases are colored in PicEd Cora, where you afterwards obtain the area for each phase presented as a percentage.

Duplex before phase analysis

Duplex after phase analysis

Part of our ferrite content measurements takes place during procedure testing of ferrite-austenitic (duplex) materials, where requirement according to EN 13445 are prescribed.

Ferrite content measurements are also performed on materials such as austenitic stainless weld metal.

We are accredited to perform tests according to:

ISO 9042


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