Mechanical testing

The testing is performed in both weld metal and base metal, according to national and international standards. The testing is performed in a controlled environment, all sample preparation and test rod manufacturing are manufactured in our engineering workshop.

Harald Fredriksson preparing for an impact test.

The section for mechanical testing has machines for tensile testing, bend testing, compression testing, impact testing, ring testing and hardness testing.

Mechanical testing of materials or products is an important tool regarding delivery control and to ensure high quality. The results from mechanical testing are used in order to assess if the requirements of the material is fulfilled. These requirements can be found in applicable product standards.

The results obtained from the mechanical testing show tensile strength, ability of plastic deformation, impact strength, ductility and hardness. All testing performed in the laboratory is accredited.

In the workshop we can manufacture fixtures/rigs for testing of products and other applications so that the testing can be performed like it should be in "real life". The workshop also prepare and manufacture specimen.

The mechanical testing is an important part of the approval of welding procedures and welders qualification tests. Mechanical testing is also important in breakdown and damage investigations.


Harald Fredriksson
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