Discharge of polluted water

Polluted wastewater and contaminated storm water are considered legally as wastewater.

There are many laws and regulations to keep track of the companies that emit, or plan to discharge, wastewater into the municipal sewer system, including the Act on Public Water Services (Water Services Act) SFS 2006:412 and the respective municipalities' regulations.

Wastewater are discharged from various processes and operation. Examples are cleaning and paint removal from roofs and facades, vehicle washing facilities, wastewater from industrial and storage areas and processed water from hazardous activities.

Responsibility for the discharge of contaminated water is on the operator. According to the Environmental Code (Miljöbalken) includes responsibility also to have knowledge about the environmental effects of activities cause or may cause. In some industries, special requirements on internal purification before the emissions can be diverted to the sewer system. These include car- and vehicle washes, dentists, food business, hospitals and engineering.


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