Water quality testing

Safe Control has a highly qualified staff of water testing professionals. We provide water testing services to companies and individuals. 

Safe Control conducts water quality testing of water from wells, vehicle washes, and for companies located along the river Göta älv, which is a key source of drinking water supply for the city of Gothenburg. In compliance with the regulations of the Swedish Maritime Inspection Services (Sjöfartsinspektionen), we test the drinking water on board ships calling at the port of Gothenburg.

Water samples must be collected in accordance with specific instructions. We therefore recommend that you contact us to obtain the right container and for instructions on how to collect a sample of water. The testing of water samples is performed in collaboration with subcontractors approved by us.

Every fifth well has unfit water

In Sweden every fifth well has unfit water and more than 80 % have some kind of remark. Water quality in wells should be checked every three years. Read more »


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