Self-monitoring of water from vehicle washes

Safe Control deals with analysis of wastewater. We have certified sampling personnel who takes the necessary samples on site. The samples are analyzed according to the presence of, among other things, heavy metals (lead, chromium, nickel, cadmium and zinc).

Vehicle washing of a certain magnitude is notifiable to the municipality under the Environmental Code (1998:899) concerning environmentally hazardous activities and health protection. The disclosure obligation includes automatic washing systems and manual washing places at other auto plants, gas stations, auto repair, auto detailing and do-it-yourself centers or other facilities where vehicle washing occurs.

By conducting self-inspection, the operator should be able to meet the requirements of the Environmental Code and the authorities. Some of the self-inspection can be repeated samplings and analyzes of outgoing wastewater from the washing plant.

Environmentally hazardous

The Environmental Code regulations also apply when you wash your car on the street, in the parking lot or garage entrance when contaminated water (wastewater) often flows into the stormwater drain, the water can end up untreated in the nearest stream. There is this type of car wash viewed as environmentally hazardous activities under the Environmental Code.

Car/vehicle washing should be done in the do-it-yourself installation or in automatic washes where there are demands for treatment.


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