Analysis of quartz - silica dust

Silica dust is carcinogen and is present at workplaces where, for example, the stone is cut or crushed.
On November 2, 2015, new regulations came regarding silica dust in the workplace (in Sweden).

Quartz is a mineral and is used in many professional fields (including iron foundries, quarries, concrete works, mining and stone industry). The minerals are contained in many rocks such as sandstone, granite, slate, flint and quartzite.

The dust from quarts contains extremely small particles which, when inhaled, is trapped in the lungs where it is encapsulated in scar tissue. Over time, the risk is that one get sequeale in the form of silicosis and cancer.

Air pump and analysis of air sample

We have an air pump calibrated to measure the silica dust for hire. During 8 hours it takes in a controlled amount of air through a cellulose filter. The filter is pre-weighed and after pumping it is weighed again, resulting in a dust weight (content). By X-ray diffraction (XRD) the sample is irradiated to identify crystalline quartz. Further analysis can be done to determine the dust content.

The pump is booked and picked up at our reception. When picked up you will receive instructions on how the pump should be handled.


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