Analyses for individuals

We welcome and invites individuals to undertake environmental analyzes, such as asbestos, PCBs, mold and water.

If you are going to demolish and renovate you still have a responsibility to third parties, in other words, professionals such as electricians, plumbers, painters and cleaners, as well as your neighbors.

One of the most dangerous substances in our buildings are asbestos, a highly hazardous material (which are in about 3.000 different products). The fibers are small, delicate and light, and when released from the material they spread easily in the apartment/house. They travel through ventilation, air draft in the room and comes out in the staircase. Read more about asbestos »


For the analysis of asbestos, PCBs, mold and water, we refer individuals to our webshop - (at the moment the webshop is only available in Swedish) - where you pay upfront cost. Test material can be submitted at our reception or be posted. When we receive the payment and sample we start the analysis.

If you want to make a water analysis, we ask you to make the order/payment at the webshop, come to us and collect the sample vessels and you will also get the sampling instructions.


There can be various environmental and hazardous materials in our buildings, therefore we recommend that an environmental inventory and sampling is done. This should be done by a skilled environmental surveyors who knows where to find the typical hazardous materials - such as asbestos and PCBs.


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