Asbestos removal/decontamination

To work with asbestos it is required to have permission from the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket). Those who tear down asbestos or asbestos-containing material without permission risk penalties.
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It is important the decontamination/removal is performed by experienced professionals as well as to isolate the area where asbestos is found. A security lock is effective where the under pressure prevents the fibers from spreading.

Those who sanitizes have special clothing and a mask with PP3 filter. The vacuum cleaners they might use have special filters, our ordinary household vacuum cleaners do not capture the fibers which means they are spread in the air again.

Asbestos fibers do not disappear in fire as they do not burn. They are released from the material (e.g. insulating materials, joints, carpets and adhesives) and can remain in the air for a long time.


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