Asbestos types

This type of asbestos is unusual and is perceived as an impurity in asbestos-related products.

Also known as brown asbestos. Used among other things as insulation of pipes and boilers. It occurs in insulation and pipe bends/ends.

Asbestos cardboard, some plastic, filler and reinforcing materials, cement and insulation lots. It occurs in particular tile adhesives, glue and joints.

Crocidolite is blue asbestos, considered the most dangerous, and was banned in Sweden in 1975, it is the third most common type av asbestos. It has been used as packing and insulation materials.

Chrysotile is also called white asbestos and magnesium silicate. This is the most common type and are used in plastics, paints and roofing products, as filler and reinforcing materials. It is found in among other things, carpets and adhesives, cement slabs.

In the US, tremolite was used as insulation, called Zonolite. It is also used for acid-resistant filters.


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