Standard: EN 1090

1 July 2014, the requirement for CE marking according to the new standard EN 1090 came into force. The new standard and the CE marking affects to varying degrees all stakeholders who manufactures and supplies structural components and kits in steel for buildings. This means that the manufacturer of July 1 must be certified to manufacture and deliver steel structures.

A manufacturer, according to the construction products regulation, is a natural or legal person who manufactures, or let the design of manufacture, construction product and markets it under his name or trademark. The manufacturer can thus be responsible for the subcontractors, steel wholesalers, designers, etc.

The person responsible for the CE marking must have a certificate in accordance with EN 1090. If the company isn't certified according to EN 1090 the company are not allowed to CE mark the products it manufacturers and supplies a construction site. In such cases, the claims are verified compliance through increased acceptance testing including testing by independent expert, certified according to the rules of the national housing board. To implement a certification requires some efforts by the company and may take 1-6 months, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Testing of welding and welded joints

Safe Control has extensive experience of tests to ensure welding products. Read more »

Tests according to EN 1090-1

We perform mechanical tests, chemical analysis and metallographic studies to ensure welding procedures according to EN ISO 15614-1.

Tests according to EN 1090-2

We check the squareness, tread depth and hardness on cut surfaces according to EN ISO 1090-2 and ISO 9013 in terms of cutting (thermal cutting).


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