We wish you all a pleasant midsummer weekend

The midsummer weekend is soon here and shortly thereafter the summer vacation starts for many of us. We have some changes in our opening hours during the summer:

Midsummer Eve
Friday, Juni 19, we are closed and we have no opportunity to receive water samples for analysis on Juni 18 and 19.

Weeks 31-32
Our department Environmental Engineering is open throughout the summer and our other laboratory operations are closed during the period from July 27 to August 9.

Submission of sample material
We receive materials for testing and analysis every weekday between 07.30-16.00. In our foyer there is a drop-in station where you register your samples yourself.

The webshop for environmental tests is always open: safecontrol.nu

Do you have questions?
Contact us by phone at 031-65 64 70 or via e-mail, info@safecontrol.se