Chemical analysis as quality assurance

In a few articles in the future, we will tell you more in-depth about the business area Chemistry, an area that is also extra relevant to us right now. We are in the process of completing a brand new chemical laboratory with the latest technology and equipment that will be ready in the spring.

Chemical analysis is an important part of identifying and ensuring the quality of different materials and their chemical composition. Chemical analysis is used in many areas, here are some examples:

- Analysis of constituent alloys in metals to determine which material it can correspond to.
- Analysis of the chemical composition of solids, coatings, particles, fibers and minerals.

- Analysis with regard to environmentally and health hazardous substances in building materials, soil, air and water.

- Analysis of metals and other desired and undesired substances in various types of liquids such as coolants, glycol and fuels.

- Analysis of water. In addition to drinking water, industrial water, wash water, cooling water and discharge water of various kinds are analyzed.

Chemical analysis is used by a wide range of companies and industries in the manufacturing industry, the automotive industry, the pulp industry, the petrochemical industry and the construction industry. The laboratory has the equipment and skills to perform various burns, weight determinations and other physical analyzes of, for example, coatings. A large proportion of our environmental analyzes consist of analysis of the presence of asbestos in building materials. We also carry out corrosion testing on metallic materials to determine corrosion resistance.

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We are looking for a quality conscious workshop worker

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