We switch from paper to "green invoice and report"

As part of our environmental work, from April 1st, 2020, we will stop sending invoices and reports on paper to our customers.

Most of our customers already choose to receive all documentation electronically, which makes handling easier for both parties. Fewer paper copies mean reduced transport and fewer trees need to be felled.

From April 1 we will charge a fee of SEK 35 when the invoice and/or report is sent in paper form. If you wish to receive these electronically, please send us an e-mail to ekonomi@safecontrol.se.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Safe Control Materialteknik AB

We support the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Your house is powered by electricity from solar cells. There are fish in the seas. You can take a walk in a leafy forest. You can take your electric car to work. Or just eat a banana that is free from dangerous pesticides.

This is how the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's vision is for the year 2040. For us, it is a matter of course to support the work of Naturskyddsföreningen (the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation).

We are fighting for a healthier world!