Meet one of our clients: Nadja Taghat

Nadja Taghat is the CEO of Västsvenska Miljökonsult AB, whose business is focused on environmental inventories and environmental sampling of building materials and land during renovations and demolitions. The latest object is the legendary Oscars on the island of Marstrand, a renowned local entertainment hall.

We asked Nadja some questions during one of her visits:

Why do you do an environmental inventory?
- The primary purpose is to identify how much hazardous waste a demolition measure can entail. An environmental inventory determines which different materials a building contains and which can be hazardous to health and the environment. If there are dangerous substances, the environmental inventory indicates what measures need to be taken to prevent them from being spread and what regulations are in place regarding the handling.

How does an environmental inventory work?
- The environmental inventory begins with a mapping of the building in question in the form of basic drawings, information on renovations and other information about the property, for example, which activities have been in the building previously that may have contaminated material in the building.

- This "desktop mapping" is complemented by an on-site visual inspection. If there is a suspicion of the presence of environmentally and/or health hazardous substances such as asbestos, PCBs, heavy metals and more, samples are taken for analysis at a laboratory.

- Once the demolition work has started, a supplementary inventory/sampling may be needed. The first environmental inventory is usually carried out when a businessis still in progress, where sometimes you cannot take destructive sampling or check hidden building materials. During the demolition work itself, there is a great risk of finding hidden building materials, which need to be analyzed. If asbestos is found, a decontamination must be carried out before the demolition work can continue.

What is a type assignment for Västsvenska Miljökonsult?
- We mainly carry out supplementary environmental inventories. These inventories are usually made on several occasions as you tear a little at a time.

How come you chose this professional orientation and how did Västsvenska Miljökonsult start?
- After high school I wanted to enter the construction industry, I have always been a practical person. I found that the environmental area was exciting and also future-oriented and that led me to an education for the Environmental Coordinator. When it was time for an internship, I called the demolition contractor Hål i Betong AB (Holes in Concrete AB) here in Gothenburg. I persuaded them to get me an internship. It went so well that after training I was offered a job.

- In January 2018, the environmental inventory business was redirected to the newly started Västsvenska Miljökonsult, where I was given the opportunity to develop in my professional role, so it suited me very well. Today, I have a great collaboration with Hål i Betong, which often comes in contact with environmentally and health hazardous substances in connection with new projects. Today, besides me, the company also consists of Åsa Stohr, an environmental consultant.

What is important when it comes to testing laboratories?
- It is the accreditation, the competence and the geographical proximity.

Is there anything special you appreciate about working with Safe Control?
- It's the personal contact and commitment. For me, it is important to be able to have a dialogue with the person who has performed the analyzes, be able to discuss and get answers to questions. In addition, the atmosphere of the company is very welcoming, yes even homely.

We thank Nadja for the talk and wish her and Västsvenska Miljökonsult AB continued good luck!

Photo: Özkan Özel, one of our chemists, receives Nadja's environmental sample for registration.