Doubled capacity for tensile testing

Now it is here! Our new tensile tester Qasar kN 600 from Galdabini means that we are doubling our capacity for tensile testing and can offer faster test results.

There are several benefits and news with our new equipment:
- Larger dimensions, test of reinforcing bars up to 32 mm
- Extended test of screw joints
- Tensile test up to 60 tonnes

Harald Fredriksson, responsible for Mechanical testing:
- With our new equipment we can meet the demand for larger dimensions and faster deliveries, something that has been in demand from our customers. When you get a tensile test result from us you not only get numbers or curves, but we help you interpret the result and what it can mean for your production.

Safe Control is accredited to perform tests according to:
SS-EN ISO 6892-1, SS-EN ISO 15630-2, ASTM E8, ASTM e8M