Quality Assurance of Metallic Materials

Quality assurance means that we at Safe Control check whether the material metts the specified requirements for the standard and/or specific customer requirements, and we verify the certificate. This is done through destructive testing.

We have mechanical testing in our laboratory where mechanical, chemical and structural properties are analyzed, investigated and tested as well as its corrosion resistance. Testing is carried out in both welded materials and in basic materials against applicable national and international standards. Everything is done in a controlled environment.

Mechanical testing, chemical analysis, structural studies and corrosion testing of a material or product are one of several important tools in connection with delivery control and to ensure a good quality.

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New equipment for testing plate for deep drawing

Deep drawing of metals allows the manufacture of seamless and complex details in a metal when it is created from a single piece, such as soft drinks cans and sinks.

The manufacturing method places great demands on keeping track of the material's properties and tensile strength. To create the product shape, the sheet is stretched or stretched between two tool halves and tension can occur.

With our new Sheet Metal Testing Machine, we can, by means of destructive testing, check materials for this manufacturing method.

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