Emerson and Safe Control - a welded team

Rosemount Tank Radar is one of all exciting companies we at Safe Control have the pleasure and pride to have as clients.

Lars-Allan Süle develops and manufactures radar-based level measurement for tankers, refineries and the process industry. The company is part of the global Emerson Group, which delivers system solutions in process automation.

We interviewed Lars-Allan Süle, welding manager:

What is the advantage of radar measurement of liquids?
- A major and important advantage for, for example, the oil industry is that the technology involves measuring in millimeters. One millimeter of oil in a tanker corresponds to many liters of precious oil. This is what borth supplier and buyer want to have precise control over.

Where does Safe Control Material Technology come in?
- It's about checking and testing welds. Some customers have greater security requirements than others, which require special adaptions of the product. To verify these requirements, a welding test must be done by the weld of an independent laboratory. It is about welding that connects the measuring equipment with the customer's application. The laboratory also performs testing and analysis of bacis materials for Rosemount Tank Radar.

What requirements and wishes do you have in a testing laboratory?
- For me, it is crucial to be able to have a communication with those who performs the test. You should be able to discuss the test and the materials. The physical proximity is also important. I want to be able to visit the laboratory quickly and easily in order to solve any question marks and thus save time and reduce the uncertainty. I get all this from Safe Control.

Rosemount Tank Radar AB in Gothenburg is a world leader in radar-based level measurement for tankers, refineries, tank terminals and the process industry. The company has 360 employees, sales of SEK 1.1 billion, with 98 percent going on exports. Rosemount Tank Radar AB is part of Emerson, a high-tech worldwide group with over 80,000 employees in more than 180 locations around the world. Read more at www.emerson.com »