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2020-06-15 | We wish you a nice midsummer!
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2020-06-11 | The laboratory extends the accreditation with two methods
We have now extended our accreditation in Chemistry and Environmental Technology to include the methods analysis of chemical composition of steel, and analysis of the presence of asbestos in solid materials.
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2020-05-20 | Are you planning to renovate or remodel your house?
Our buildings contain various environmental and health hazardous substances. One of these is asbestos which is carcinogenic and totally banned from 1982. The material was used extensively before and a bit into the 1980s.
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2020-04-06 | Safe Control Material Technology and the Corona virus (covid-19)
A word from Lars Andersson, our CEO, and information about our business during these times.
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2020-04-02 | Continued flexible accreditation
Safe Control has been accredited in accordance with SS-EN ISO 17025 since 2001 and since 2016 has flexible accreditation. Now we have received a decision from SWEDAC (the Swedish regulatory body), that we still have flexible accreditation.

Flexible accreditation means that the laboratory has the right, between Swedac's regular supervision visits, to upgrade, add and change the scope of the accreditation without notifying Swedac in advance.

This means we can offer our customers accredited services where you can use the standards required within the framework of the measurement principle, provided that we follow our Swedac approved routine for validation, verification, competency requirements, and more. Swedac assesses the changes in methods at the next supervisory occasion made within the framework of flexibility.

For more information, contact Johan Ageryd, our Quality Manager via

2020-02-03 | We have a new zipcode
From today we have a new zipcode: 417 10.

2020-01-29 | We switch to electronic documents
As part of our environmental work, from April 1, 2020, we will stop sending invoices and reports on paper to our customers. We will charge a fee of SEK 35 when the invoice and/or report is sent in paper form.
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2019-06-24 | 300,000 times magnification
Our scanning electron microscope is very powerful, useful and popular!
The microscope has gone hot in the spring with customers who have booked times together with our operators. We have looked at and analyzed, among other things, coatings and damaged areas.

Do you need to see something at very high magnification? Send us an e-mail with information about what you wish to analyze, any sample preparation and the desired date and we will get back to you.
Send your request to

2019-06-18 | Newsletter: Torbjörn Ygesjö
We asked some question to Torbjörn Ygesjö, one of our educators »

2019-05-28 | The property renovation is soon complete

The property on Tillgängligheten has been given a lift with a new roof, new facade, new windows and new parking areas. We at Safe Control are very pleased with the result!

From time to time, it has been difficult to reach us and we want to thank our customers and suppliers for your understanding, and your patience during the construction period.

2019-04-11 | What is mechanical testing?
Harald Fredriksson, responsible for mechanical testing at Safe Control, answers some questions.
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2019-03-15 | Education: Asbestos decontamination
Demand has been high and we now plan to have a course about Asbestos Decontamination - Special Education in 2019.

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations, AFS 2006:1, §36, shall the person who directs or is to perform the demolition of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials have special education.

Are you interested? Send an e-mail to and we will get back to you when the dates are set. The education will be held in Swedish.

2019-02-11 | Air pumps for samling regarding asbestos and quartz dust
We have two more air pumps for sampling asbestos and quartz dust in the air. Call us if you want to rent a pump on 031-656470.
Asbestos is minerals that are very dangerous to health and can give rise to various diseases. Asbestos is totally prohibited to use in Sweden since 1982.

Silica dust/quartz dust/rock dust is cancerous and occurs in workplaces where, for example, stones are sawn or crushed. On November 2, 2015, new regulations on quartz dust came regarding the work environment.

2019-01-25 | Doubled capacity for tensile testing
Our new machine Quasar kN600 from Galdabini is here! With this addition in the machinery park we have now doubled our capacity for tensile testing and can offer faster test results.
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2018-11-12 | Updated: Privacy Policy (GDPR)
We have updated our Privacy Policy (GDPR) with the following information regarding third-party information:
"If personal information is specified in the order, e-mails or notes on third parties, where the information should be stated in a report, it is the client's responsibility to obtain a third party consent. The consent is not forwarded to Safe Control."

2018-09-10 | Exterior renovation in progress
During the autumn and winter of 2018 a comprehensive renovation and refurbishment will take place. The exterior of the laboratory's property is to be replaced - facades, roofs and windows.

During the course of this project, you, as a visitor, will need to use other parking spaces and entrances than you usually do. We ask you to follow the reference signs that will be posted and ongoing information will be available here, on our website.

You are welcome to call us if you have any questions or comments at +46 31 65 64 70.

2018-08-30 | More dying of asbestos in the work environment
A new report from the International Occupational Healt Commission, ICOH, shows five times as many cases of lung cancer where asbestos at the workplace is the cause, the Swedish paper Arbetarskydd reports. Over 1.100 people died in Sweden in 2016 in cancerous diseases caused by asbestos in the workplace.

2018-06-25 | New education: Asbestos
Despite the extensive remediation and prohibition of the use of asbestos, there are still large amounts of the hazardous substance left in our buildings. Our course (4 hours long) will be held on September 27th, in Swedish. For more information, send an e-mail to

2018-06-13 | At last, the Children's Convention is law in Sweden
Safe Control Material Technology has supported BRIS for several years, and therefore welcomes the Swedish parliament's decision to make the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child a law in Sweden. The law will enter into force on January 1st, 2020.

2018-06-04 | New service: Testing of sheet for deep drawing
Depth of metals allows the manufacture of seamless and complex details in a metal when it is made from a single piece, such as soda cans and countertops.

2018-05-25 | Our Privacy policy (GDPR)
Safe Control Material Technology AB is actively working to protect our customers and other contacts' personal data. The new law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force on May 25th, 2018, strengthens the company's privacy policy.

We find it important that you take note of our Privacy policy, which was updated 2018-05-24. On the link below you can read about your rights and how we save and process your personal information as a customer and/or supplier to us.

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2018-05-24 | New education: Asbestos (half-day)
Despite extensive decontamination and prohibition of the use of asbestos, there are still large amounts of the hazardous substance left in our buildings.

Welcome to a half-day course, held in Swedish, where you will learn how to handle asbestos and the health risks. The date is set to September 27th.

Contact Veronica Orvheden if you want to know more by sending an e-mail to

2018-05-17 | Company-oriented courses and workshops
We offer company-oriented courses and workshops for larger or smaller groups tailored to your needs and wishes.

The advantage is that these programs can be based on your business and organization. The courses and workshops can be done at your premises or in ours.

Do you want to know more? Send an e-mail to!

2018-04-20 | Wash your car environmentally friendly
Spring is finally under way. It's time to change the summer tires, spring clean the car and wash it. Do you  know that it is an environmental violation to wash the car in the garage driveway or on the street?

The water (which is classified as wastewater) flows uncleanly into the soil and wells and ends up in watercourses and lakes. The content of the water is hazardous to the environment, it contains heavy metals, asphalt, oil and chemicals, substances that are harmful to all living - humans, animals and plants. A car or other vehicle should be washed on a car wash that has an oil separator/treatment plant which cleans the dirty water.

Read about: Analysis of wastewater from vechicle washes »

2018-03-22 | Breakfast seminar: Asbestos on April 13th
Welcome to an informative breakfast seminar about asbestos. The seminar is suitable for you who can get in touch with asbestos dust or in charge of handling in connection with demolition, cleaning and renovation of buildings.

Seminar content:
- Health risks with asbestos
- Where asbestos may occur
- The regulations of the Swedish Work Environment Authority
- Sampling and analysis

Lecturer is Jonas Mogvall at AddSafe i Sverige AB, based in Skåne in south Sweden.


2017-12-04 | Our opening hours during the holidays

We thank our customers and partners for the past year and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We have closed between 27-29 December and welcome you back January 2, 2018.

Our regular opening hours are Monday-Friday at 07.30-16.00.

Submission of water samples
Friday, January 5, we have no opportunity to receive water samples for analysis.

2017-10-13 | Educate with us!
Safe Control offers training within, for us, business-related areas. For each education we hire an independent well-known expert as a course leader. Each course participant receives a course certificate after completion of the course.

Our educations are held in Swedish. For more information send us an e-mail to

2017-06-16 | Summer opening hours
Midsummer's Eve is coming and soon after that summer holiday beings for many. We have some changes in our opening hours as shown below.

Friday June 23 we are closed.

The weeks 30-31
Most of the staff have a vacation and the laboratory has therefore closed 24 July to 6 August.

Environmental Technology is open with a call service in the weeks 30-31
Environmental samples can be provided in our foyer between 07.30 and 16.00. Response time may be slightly extended during this period.

2017-06-05 | We warmly welcome Anders Hedlund!
Anders works with out services in Chemistry, Mechanical Testing and Metallography.

Anders has worked in Oslo, Norway, at the Technological Institute as a laboratory engineer/technician.

Safe Control Material Technology is one of the 8,212 companies, of Sweden's total of 492,221 limited liability companies, which have the highest credit rating according to Bisnode's credit rating system in the years 2011-2017.

A company with a bronze diploma has maintained the highest credit rating of at least 15 years - something Safe Control has met since its inception in 2001.

To get the highest credit rating, AAA, it is required that the limited liability company has been in business for 10 years and have ratios that are significantly above the industry average.

2017-01-04 | Vehicle wash: Have you analyzed your wastewater?
The best time of year for the sampling of water from the vehicle wash is between November and April. Facilities must meet the requirements of the Environmental Code and the authorities have established. Own checks should be carried out regularly, and part of this is sampling of wastewater.

We have certified sampling personnel who, on site, take the necessary samples. The samples will be analyzed according to the presence of, for example, heavy metals. Contact us for more information and book a time for sampling.


2016-11-03 | A famous landmark in Gothenburg disappear
Gasklockan is a 86 meter high building in the Gothenburg area Gullbergsvass. The building will be demolished and Safe Control contributes to the safety of decommissioning.

Gasklockan's main activity was to produce town gas. An important by-product of coal tar was used to including asphalt. The demolition is expected to be completed by year-end 2016/2017.

2016-10-19 | We have air pumps for the analysis of quartz dust
Silica dust is a health hazard and you should check if it occurs in the work environment.

Silica dust is carcinogen and is present at workplaces where, for example, the stone is cut or crushed. On November 2nd, 2015, new regulations came regarding silica dust in the workplace in Sweden.

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2016-08-01 | Make an appointment to our Scanning Electron Microskope
It is possible to book a time to use our Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) together with one of our operators.
Contact us for more information »

2016-05-12 | Safe Control Material Technology approved for flexible accreditation
Safe Control Material Technology is fully accredited by Swedac since 2001, and now we are approved for flexible accreditation. This means that the laboratory has the right to - between Swedac's regular visits - upgrade, add and amend their scope of accreditation without prior notice to Swedac.

Safe Control can thus offer their customers accredited services where one can use the standards required within the measuring principle, provided that you follow the - Swedac approved - routine for validation, verification, skills, etc. Swedac judge then, at the next inspection, the changes in the methodology undertaken in the framework of flexibility.

For more information, contact our Quality Manager, Johan Ageryd, phone: +46 (0)31-65 64 94.

2016-05-02 | Opening hours week 18
On May 5 and 6 we are closed because it is Ascension Day on Thursday.

Monday-Wednesday we are open as usual:
Submission of environmental samples, at 07.30 to 16.00
Workshop, at 07.30 to 16.00.

We wish you a nice long weekend!

2016-04-11 | Analyze your well water
Every fifth well has unfit water and more than 80 % have some kind of remark. Water quality in wells should be checked every third years. Safe Control deals with analysis of well water - microbiological, metallic and chemical analysis.
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2016-03-31 | We turn to electronic customer invoicing
Safe Control is actively working to streamline the administrative processes of the company. As part of this effort, we have introduced electronic invoices to our customers.
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2016-02-24 | Surface roughness tester
Safe Control performs surface roughness tests consistent with a number of international standards. 
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